At North Pointe, we want to move people to engage. We believe each person is designed and created for a purpose. This purpose is to further God’s church, God’s purpose here is that everyone would come to know Him. He has chosen to work through you to accomplish that purpose. Maybe you are interested in engaging in the church on Sunday, or maybe in our community in the evenings or maybe you aren’t sure but you know you want to do something.

First step, contact Jared Harms. We will sit down with you, hear your story, where are you passionate and find a great fit for you!  With over 200 available places to serve each month, we are sure to have a good fit for you here at North Pointe.



Jacob's Well Food Distribution

840 S 17th St, Lincoln, NE

Adults & families welcomed: 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month at 9:30AM, First Presbyterian Church.


People's City Mission

People’s City Mission, 110 Q St, Lincoln, NE 

  • Serve supper every 2nd Mon. 4:45-7:00PM
  • Serving lunch every 4th Tues. 11AM-1:30PM

North Pointe Food Distribution

2224 Fletcher ave, Lincoln, NE 

Adults & families welcomed: 4th Monday of the month 5:00-7:00PM indoors at North Pointe.


Refugee Resettlement Ministry

Various locations across Lincoln sporadically throughout the year as needs come in. Help us completely set up a new apartment for a refugee family.


Yezidi English Classes

Every Monday at 6:30PM at North Pointe.

Become an English speaking partner for a Yezidi man or women who is seeking to learn English better, as they learn your story and you learn their story as well. No training required.


Ministry Event Child Watch

Every week we host many adult classes, events or ministries that required both parents. We would love to offer childcare for the 1-2 hour events so the parents can focus on the topic, not their kids. If you would be willing to play with the kids so we can better reach parents, let us know. Many of the volunteer events will also count towards high school GoPo hours.

Car Care Ministry

Volunteer your expertise once a month by working in our auto shop. Change oil, filters, tires and other basic repairs to help our community by maintaining cars for those most in need.


Teacher Thank You Parties

We love our local teachers. During parent teacher conferences and other times throughout the school year, we look for ways to thank our teachers. Help us by baking cookies, brownies and other items. Help us delivery the items or purchase things as requested by schools. 


Neighborhood Block Parties

A couple times a year, we like to host a Block Party for our community. We need lots of people to help in many different ways. We need hot dog and ice cream servers, bounce house assistance and many other areas.


Support our partnership with Jacob’s Well – Haiti and see the many ways you might be able to partner. 


Bill and Missy Kollar are stateside missionaries with CRU International. They work at CRU’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida. They work to see students encounter Jesus, experience His gospel and help others do the same for the rest of their lives.


Dave and Stacey Winter will be meeting with the children of Montrouis in their neighborhoods. They are in the neighborhoods and assist with, “Kids At The Well” throughout the community. Through this program They establish relationships with kids and their families by playing games, teaching God’s word and providing a meal for them.


Hudson and Kristina Shires are from Nebraska and are serving in partnership with a production ministry that works to bring the gospel to the lost through the power of media and the creative arts. Leveraging the web, satellite television, and relationships, God is moving mightily to bring the saving news of His love to those who would otherwise have no way to hear the Gospel.

Whether it be parenting their eight children, leading Bible studies, participating in music and media ministries, or simply getting to know the people around them, the Shires family believes that they have been called by God to be witnesses and encouragers to the lost and to the global community of believers.